Upgrade the scanner on your Sharp XE-A series cash register (XE-A505, XE-A506, XE-A507)

Posted by Mike Hagedorn on

Many Sharp XE-A series cash registers come with a barcode scanner.  Unfortunately, these included scanners are very inexpensive CCD-style scanners and don't perform very well under applications where speed is essential (convenience stores, firework stands, etc).  Some examples of Sharp XE-A cash registers that come with barcode scanners are:

Sharp XE-A505
Sharp XE-A506
Sharp XE-A507

All of these cash registers can use one of the laser-based barcode scanners that we offer.  When you find a scanner that you like, simply select the 'Sharp Interface Cable' option before adding the product to your shopping cart.  Once you order a scanner with the Sharp interface cable, a CRO technician will create a custom cable for your cash register.  The cables are tested prior to shipping to ensure that you receive a flawless solution.

Please contact us at 1-877-877-3192 if you have any questions about upgrading the scanner on your Sharp cash register.

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