SAM4s SPS-320 Cash Register Introduction

Posted by Mike Hagedorn on

Sam4s, the maker of high quality cash registers for many years has recently introduced the SPS-320 cash register. This Cash register model is the recommended replacement for the extremely popular Sam4s ER-650 cash register.


The Sam4s SPS-320 cash register takes the popular design of the ER-650 and improves on that design in every way. It offers a dedicated high speed thermal receipt printer, a larger keyboard than the ER-650, digital pole display, more memory, more available serial ports (with optional expansion) for peripherals, an SD card slot, standard RJ45 connections and ethernet cabling for IRC (inter-register communication) rather than 6-pin RJ12 connectors used with the ER-650, and the ability to share a peripheral device (such as a printer, or Datacap credit card device) between multiple registers.

The menu-based programming that made the ER-650 cash register so popular returns in the Sam4s SPS-300 series. Making programming easy and intuitive for end users while keeping its great functionality.

The Sam4s SPS-320 cash register is perfect for a variety of different businesses. Ranging from coffee bistros and yogurt shops with scale functionality, to restaurants and retail stores that would prefer bar code scanning and dedicated item buttons.

We at Cash Registers Online are proud to offer this powerful cash register from Sam4s as our Premier Product.
Built with only highest quality parts and construction, your cash cash register will work in rugged environments for years to come. High quality metal cash drawer, thermal printer, keyboard and displays. 
Full 6 month manufacturer warranty. Free Programming, Lifetime Techinical Support, Keyboard Programming Software, Program from your Computer, On Screen Programming. 

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