Cash Register Keyboard Covers - What you Need To Know

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What You need to know about Keyboard Covers



What are Cash Register Keyboard Covers?

Cash register covers are a simple silicone rubber that are placed over the keys of your keyboard. They are typically called “wetcovers.”  They won’t restrict the operator from pressing the keys and using the cash register like normal.

Cash Register Keyboard covers will protect your keyboard from accidental and potential harmful spills. Keyboard covers are essential to protecting your investment. You might be thinking that you probably don’t need a keyboard cover, but before you rule out this accessory you should consider all of the accidents that occur that could potentially ruin your expensive ECR. Think about all of the dust, crumbs, hair, grease, food and even liquids that can find their way into your keyboard. With this simple purchase your keyboard on your cash register will have a much longer life.


But I already have a keyboard cover! 

  It is important to not only purchase a cover when you first buy a cash register, but it is important to purchase a cover every time that your cover begins to get dingy and foggy. The more the keyboard is used the more worn out it becomes. As the keyboard cover begins to collect dirt, grime and natural hand grease it begins to become harder to see. You need to replace your keyboard cover to make sure that your operator has fewer errors and your customers have a quicker and more pleasant experience.


I don’t want to spend more money on my cash register!

 A cash register can be an expensive purchase. Many registers can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. After spending an average of $500 on a cash register it is sometimes very hard to justify spending more money on additional accessories for an already expensive purchase. However, it is important to understand that the cost of keyboard covers is very manageable for how much they can save you from possible damage. The average keyboard wet cover is about $30 and so it is not a huge additional accessory purchase.


Is there a keyboard cover for my specific cash register?

 Keyboard wet covers are made for practically every single cash register on the market. You probably shouldn’t be worrying about whether or not they make one for your needs.


You can check our website HERE to find a wet cover that works with your register.


Don’t make the mistake of forgetting or refusing to purchase a keyboard cover for your cash register. You will be so upset with yourself if you don’t purchase the cover and then something happens.  Think about how quickly accidents occur and how little control you have after the fact. You will be kicking yourself if one of your operators drop liquid into your cash register and then you are now having to purchase a whole new cash register because you didn’t want to spend the extra money on the cover. Don’t make that mistake! Purchase a cover now!





Wetcover cash register keyboard covers are manufactured from very flexible and durable Silicone rubber which is permanently antimicrobial. This means users have scientifically certified protection against MRSA and E-Coli.

Antimicrobial touch screen covers are recommended for use in hospitals and clinics for information touch screens where there are several users including staff, patients and members of the visiting public. Use of Wetcover antimicrobial protectors aims to help reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Antimicrobial touch screen covers can be washed in hot soapy washing up liquid, daily if required, without reducing the level of antimicrobial protection. Simply wash, rinse, shake dry and replaced on the screen.

Cash Register Keyboard Protector

They are Clear

Wetcover touch screen covers are manufactured in Superclear silicone rubber designed to protect the touch screen whilst in daily use and give the optimum clarity.

Touch screen protection is available in Antimicrobial material upon request at the same cost as Superclear.


Available Registers and Options:

  • SAM4s Cash Registers
  • Samsung Cash Registers
  • Sharp Cash Registers
  • Royal Cash Registers
  • Casio Cash Registers

Keyboard Cover Types

  • Raised Covers
  • Flat Covers

  • Silicone rubber for a perfect, stretchable fit
  • Supremely flexible and durable
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Protect Against MRSA, E.coli and other bacteria.
  • More than 2200 different protective covers

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