Where do I buy cash register keys

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I lost my cash register keys. Where can I buy replacement keys?

Cash Registers Online carries all cash register keys for Sharp, SAM4s and Samsung. Keys can be purchased individually or as a set.

Sam4s / Samsung Replacement Cash Register Keys.  

Key Set includes:

  • REG -Turns to OFF / REG positions
  • VD -Turns to OFF / REG / VOID / X positions
  • -Turns to OFF / REG / VOID / X / Z positions
  • -Turns to OFF / REG / VOID / X / Z / PGM positions
  • -Turns to OFF / REG / VOID / X / Z / PGM / SM positions
  • Drawer Key - Choice of Model 53 or Model 55/57 2424 Key

    ***C key is also referred to as Service or Master key

    About Cash Registers Online

    Cash Register Parts for Sharp, SAM4 and Samsung Cash Registers

    Cash Registers Online carries parts for all types of cash registers. This is the page for the SAM4s, Samsung, and Sharp cash register parts that we carry at Cash Registers Online. Please email us if you do not see the part that you are looking for.

    Cash Registers Online was one of the first online cash register stores to sell cash registers and point of sale equipment on the internet worldwide. We handle all types of cash registers and can meet your business needs. We program your cash register for you for free. We have a great deal of experience with both restaurant and retail stores. Quick service, table service, kitchen printing, fireworks stands, yogurt shops, food trucks, mall kiosks to name a few. Place your order today and let us get your cash register programmed for an easy out of the box headache free system.

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    • Need keys for sharp er-a320

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