SAM4s Cash Register Bill Weight Kit - Model 55/57 - Qty 5

    • $20.00

SAM4s Cash Register Cash Drawer Bill Weights

Model 55 and Model 57

Kit includes Quantity of 5 bill weights

Used with SAM4s and Samsung cash registers:

  • SAM4s ER-5115ii, ER-5140, ER-5100 Cash Registers
  • SAM4s ER-5215, ER-5240M, ER-5200M Cash Registers
  • SAM4s SER-7000, SER-7040 Cash Registers
  • SAM4s ER-920, ER-925, ER-940, ER-945 Cash Registers
  • SPS-320, SPS-340, SPS-345 Cash Registers
  • SAM4s SPS-520FT, SPS-520RT, SPS-530FT, SPS-520RT

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