Sharp Cash Drawer Insert - 5 bill/5 coin money tray - ER-A Series

    • $39.99

Sharp Cash Drawer Insert - 5 Bill/5 Coin

Money Holder for ER-A Sharp Cash Registers  Plastic 5 Bill/5 Coin Money Tray

Used with Sharp ER-A series cash registers:

  • ER-A310
  • ER-A320
  • ER-A330
  • ER-A410
  • ER-A420
  • ER-A440
  • ER-A450T
  • ER-A520
  • ER-A530 

    Will also fit Sharp XE-A series machines
  • XE-A404
  • XE-A40S
  • XE-A505
  • XE-A506

    *Please note that XE-A standard inserts have a removable coin tray. This insert DOES NOT have a removable coin tray, but will still fit the models above. Please call if you have compatability questions.

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