2 1/4'' by 200' Thermal Cash Register Paper Rolls

    • $85.00

2 1/4" x 200' Thermal Cash Register Paper

BPA Free Thermal Cash Register Paper

  • 2 1/4" by 200' Thermal Paper Rolls
  • 50 paper rolls per case
  • BPA Free

USED WITH the following Cash Registers and POS Printers 

  • Casio 1600, 1600 Thermal, CE-T100, CE-T300, DR-T120, DR-T220, PCR-T165, PCR-T2000, PCR-T2100, PCR-T262, PCR-T265, PCR-T275, PCR-T465, PCR-T465, PCR-T470, TE-100, TE-1500, TE-2000, TE-2200, TE-2400, TE-3000, TE-4500, TE-7000, TE-8500F, TE-900, TE-M80, TK-1550, TK-950, TK-T200

  • Royal 9180, 600sc, 601sc, 710ml, 850ml, 9155sc, 9180sc, Alpha 583cx, Alpha 600sc, Alpha 710ML, Alpha 9155sc, 220dx, 240dx

  • SAM4s ER-180T, ER-265, ER-285, ER-380, ER-380M, ER-390M, ER-5200M, ER-5215M, ER-5240M, ER-900 series, SPS-300 series

  • Samsung ER-265, ER-285, ER-380, ER-380M, ER-390M, ER-650, ER-650R, ER-650R, ER-650SS, SER-7000, SER-7040

  • Sharp ER-A520, ER-A530, ER-A247, ER-A347, UP-600, UP-700, XE-A201, XE-A203, XE-A206, XE-A207, XE-A20S, XE-A20SR, XE-A212, XE-A213, XE-A21s, XE-A301, XE-A302, XE-A30s, XE-A31s, XE-A407, XE-A507 

  • TEC MA-1535

  • Verifone Credit Card Terminals - Omni 3210, Omni 3250, Omni 3300, Omni 3350, Omni 3700 Series, Omni 3720, Omni 3750, Omni 470, P-355, P-600, Print Pack 300, Print Pack 350, V610 Direct, VF570 Direct, VX 500 Series, VX 510, VX 600 Series, VX 610, Vx570

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