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SP-300 Cash Register Ink Ribbons - Quantity of 6

    • $24.00

Star SP-300 POS and Cash Register Ink Ribbons

Price is for 6 Ink Ribbons

SP-300 Ink Ribbons are USED WITH:

  • Datasym 2000, 2020
  • IBM 4614, Sureone Series
  • Interbold Shure ONE , Par Micro-3
  • Ithaca Par Micro-3
  • Panasonic JS-7000 Slip, JS-7500 Slip , JS-8000 Slip , JS-9000 Slip , Mcdonald POS System, McDonald Sys
  • Par Microsystems Micro-3
  • SAM4s ER-350, ER-655
  • Samsung ER-350, ER-550, ER-655, SPR-200, SRP-100 Series, SRP-250
  • Sanyo SRP-3500
  • Sharp ER-4400 Star, ER-4410 Star, ER-4420 Star, ER-4430 Star
  • Star Micronics 312, MP-300 Series, MP-312-F, MP-317, MP-321, MP-322, MP-323, MP-324, MP-325, MP-342, MP-347, MP-352, MP-382, RC-300-P, SP-300, SP-300 Series, SP-302, SP-311, SP-312, SP-316, SP-317, SP-320, SP-321, SP-322, SP-323, SP-341, SP-342, SP-347, SP-348, SP-349, SP-350, UP-389
  • Sweda UP-389
  • TEC FDS-300, FDS-300, RKP-300, ST-5500
  • Teknika ST-5500
    Travelers Express Mack 1600

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