Samsung Cash Register Keyboard Covers

    • $29.99

Samsung Cash Register Keyboard Cover

Antibacterial Antimicrobial Silicone Rubber

Our Cash Register Keyboard Covers Wet Covers are made of high quality silicone or rubber and include:

  • Our Wetcovers Protect Against moisture and debris
  • Anti Bacterial protection against germs and viruses
  • Fully washable with zero degradation
  • Exact Keyboard Cover sizes providing precise, yet stretchable key fit.
  • Silicones are from the inorganic polymers family and has an outstanding operating temperature range not matched by any other elastomer.
  • It has a wide use in the automotive industry in components such as turbo charger hose, connector boots, gaskets and seals in air conditioning systems and is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry in such products as peristaltic pump tubing, drug dispensing systems and medical equipment.
  • Aerospace with its requirement for wide temperature range polymers has a number of applications in engine and fuel systems.
  • The raw material is produced in a dedicated clean room environment complete with blanking facilities. The finished compound is stored in sealed bags within purpose-designed boxes so that when the Samsung covers are manufactured they are of optimum quality every time.
  • Samsung ER-100
  • Samsung ER-150
  • Samsung ER-180T
  • Samsung ER-230
  • Samsung ER-260
  • Samsung ER-265
  • Samsung ER-285 Flat
  • Samsung ER-290
  • Samsung ER-350
  • Samsung ER-380
  • Samsung ER-380M
  • Samsung ER-390M
  • Samsung ER-4900
  • Samsung ER-4915
  • Samsung Er-4940
  • Samsung ER-5100M
  • Samsung ER-5115II
  • Samsung ER-5200M
  • Samsung ER-5215
  • Samsung ER-5215M
  • Samsung ER-5240M
  • Samsung ER-650
  • Samsung ER-650R
  • Samsung SER-6500II
  • Samsung SER-6540
  • Samsung SER-7000
  • Samsung SER-7040

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