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Sharp Cash Register Key Set - ER-A and UP Series

    • $44.99

Sharp Cash Register Keys

These keys are to be used with Sharp models listed below.
Key Set includes one of each of the following keys:

  • OP Key - Turns from Off to Register
  • SM Key - Turns from PG1 to X1/Z1
  • MA Key - Turns from PG2 to X2/Z2
  • DRAWER Key - Locks/unlocks the cash drawer (does not open drawer)

Used with these Sharp cash register models only.  Do not order if your exact model is not listed, please contact us so we can make sure you get the right key. 

  • XE-A201
  • XE-A202
  • XE-A20S
  • XE-A302
  • XE-A401
  • XE-A402
  • XE-A403
  • ER-A310
  • ER-A320
  • ER-A330
  • ER-A410
  • ER-A420
  • ER-A440
  • ER-A450T
  • ER-A520
  • ER-A530
  • UP-600
  • UP-700


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