SAM4s Cash Register with EMV Credit Card Processing


  • Save $100

Affordable and Simple Integrated Credit Card Acceptance

SmartECR® is an all-in-one payment solution that provides merchants using SAM4s cash registers the ability to accept EMV chip cards from their customers. SmartECR® has an optional EMV wireless option for merchants who want to accept payments in any environment.

SmartECR® supports several SAM4s ECRs, including the ER-260EJ and ER-265EJ, ER-900 series, SPS-300 series, SPS-500 series and SPS-2000 series.

Why is EMV so important?

EMV technology helps make payment transactions more secure. What’s more, merchants not using terminals that process EMV chip card transactions are liable for costly chargebacks caused by fraudulent payments.

As a full featured package, SmartECR® includes:

EMV-ENABLED TERMINAL. This device allows several models of the SAM4s cash registers to accept chip cards and process EMV transactions in less than three seconds.

  • Supports all payment options, including digital wallets like Apple Pay
  • Easy installation with plug and play app from Sterling
  • PCI certified

INCLUDES BRIDGE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE®. SmartECR® includes software that provides sales reporting and pricing management from any internet-connected device.

  • Get reports from single or multiple cash registers
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Add, change and delete products and pricing

Learn more about Bridge Business Intelligence.

WIRELESS OPTION. SmartECR® uses the largest and most reliable data network in the U.S. to provide you with fast, secure payment processing.

  • Less wiring and troubleshooting
  • Perfect for hard to wire locations such as stadiums, kiosks, outdoor or mobile merchants, event vendors and multi-location businesses

Let SmartECR® Take the Cost and Complexity Out of EMV

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