HME JTech 24 Server Pager Bundle

    • $1,725.00
    • Save $574

HME JTech 24 Server Pager Bundle

Crystal Call 24 System

  • 24 x CrystalCall Server Pagers
  • 1 x CrystalCall Charger
  • 1 x CrystalCall Kitchen Transmitter Panel


  • Automatic Recall Feature pages the server up to 3 times when food is ready for pickup
  • User Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries
  • Smart Charger extends the life of pager batteries without overcharging them.
  • Charges all pagers in 2 hours.
  • Average battery life is 3-5 years.
  • Made to withstand the harsh restaurant environment
  • Multiple pager and transmitter choices
  • Unique System ID Prevents neighboring paging systems from interfering with your communication
  • Flexible Integration
  • Reduces chaos at the hostess stand (or counter in fast casual), improving restaurant ambiance and guest satisfaction
  • Improves efficiency of your service staff, reducing labor expenses
  • Increases speed of service to your guests, creating a greater likelihood of repeat business
  • Eliminates picking up of wrong orders, costly reheats and "do-overs," reducing food costs
  • Improves restaurant ambiance by removing obtrusive overhead audio paging noise
  • Alerts guests silently and reliably when their table is ready, improving customer satisfaction
  • Alerts guests silently and reliably when their food is up, improving customer satisfaction
  • Helps to maintains food quality by streamlining order delivery in fast-casual
  • Improves restaurant guest flow, maximizing available tables and revenues during peak periods

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