Technical Support

Technical Support Policy

CRO strives to offer the best combination of price and service; however, it is ultimately the end users responsibility for all programming, setup, and training. If you are not comfortable programming your machine, CRO highly recommends the purchase of programming before the machine is shipped. CRO supports all customers on a first come first served basis. Due to this, CRO technicians cannot schedule times for support, and may limit the amount of time spent on each support call. CRO also may not be able to get to your support questions on the same business day, although a technician will attempt to answer questions in a timely manner. Technical support covers questions that may arise while setting up your new machine; it does not cover training or programming the entire machine over the phone. Some support/troubleshooting questions may require assistance from the manufacturer, or further testing by our technicians. Technical support is a value-added service provided to our customers and a lack of support is not a valid reason for return on any equipment. CRO reserves the right to refuse service if we feel the technical support policy is misused or abused. Accessories/peripherals (barcode scanners, software, printers, scales, surveillance, etc) not purchased from CRO will not be supported, please contact original reseller.

A. Technical Support:  CRO is available for technical support via our Support Conact Form Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 4:00PM Central time.

B. Software Support:  Due to the nature of computers and their components, software is excluded from our technical support program. Free software utilities included with registers are not eligible for technical support please use at your own risk