SAM4s ML700 Graphic Customer Display

    • $239.99

SAM4s ML700 Graphic Customer Display

CRO is excited to offer the Sam4s ML700 7" Graphic Display. Think of the ML700 as a combination order confirmation screen, digital picture display, and a multi-line pole display. For about the same cost as a regular, 2-line pole display, you can deliver much more. These displays really do turn heads. Works with compatible* SAM4s cash registers only.

  • 512MB onboard storage
  • Supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA Image Formats
  • Bulit-In 7 Inch TFT-LCD Panel
  • Able to Accept ESC/POS Commands for Text Display
  • Supports Different Language Character Sets
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Supports USB Flash Storage (not included)
  • Supports on the Field Firmware Upgrade
  • Supports VESA Mounting (75mm x 75mm
  • Adjustable height from 5 1/2" to 20"
  • Rotate display for portrait or landscape layout

The GD7 is compatible with all SAM4s ECRs that support a remote customer display. Register software upgrade may be required on some models, please call for details.

ER-285M (v1.027 or Later)
• ER-390M (v3.4 or Later)
• ER-650 Series (v10.8r)
• ER-5200M Series (v8.0 or Later)
• ER-900 Series (All Versions)
• SPS-300 Series (All Versions)
SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs
(v1.00s or Later)
• SPS-2000 (v3.00g31 or Later)

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