Cash Registers By Price

Cash Registers Online offers most of the cash registers that are still available today. Below is a list of cash registers that we offer by price. 

When shopping for a cash register there are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a register that best meets your needs. Below is a list of those factors and a list of our suggestions. 

Not about Price

If you are on a budget, but require a cash register for your business be assured that you can still purchase a register that offers the rquirements to keep sales records. Every cahs register ever made offers you to ring up sales, have a secure cash drawer and run a daily report showning you the breakdown of daily sales. Of course more expensive registers have more functionality, but that is not always needed or desired. 


Do you want a raised keyboard or a flat keyboard

Raised keyboard - Used types of businesses, but generally selected by retail type stores. - Sometimes these are used with scanning systems and therefore require less push buttons. 

Flat keyboard - Very versatile, but often used by restaurants or other businesses that need more items on the one button push keyboard. 

Printer Options

Cash registers are offered with dot matrix and thermal printer options. - Dot Matrix printers require an ink ribbon whereas thermal printers do not.

Cash Registers are also offered with a Single Station or Two Station Printer configuration. A single station printer can be configured to either print out a receipt and also print out your daily reports on the printer. A two station printer offers a receipt and report printer and also a second printer used as a cash register journal. The journal will print every transaction line by line and offer a hard copy recording of the business activity.

Serial Ports and SD Card Slot

Most cash registers now offer serial ports that allow you to plug in additional compenents that can assist with running your business more efficiently and effectively. the number of Serial Ports varies by machine. A ommon option on many of today cash registers includes an SD Card Reader that allows you to input and output program information to a computer PcUtility program that is offered FREE from Cash Registers Online. 


Devices that your would commonly use with a cash register include:

  • PcUtility Programming Software
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Credit Card Processing Device
  • Card Reader
  • Pole Display
  • Computer Polling Software
  • Coin Changers
  • Weigh Scales
  • Liquor Dispenser Systems
  • Kitchen Video Systems
  • Kitchen and Bar remote printers
  • Receipt and Split Printers


1/2 LIne Display versus a Larger format display. 

The small display will show the operator and customer basic information such as the last entry into the system and a comulative total of the sales. Cash Registers with these displays can be programming directly on the cash register but is more difficult because it requires code entry to customize your register. 

Larger format displays have at least 8 lines and show more detail during sales entry. This type of display allows you to program your cash register on the screen similar to using a menu on a computer. They do not require code entry and are extremely simple to program based on prompts. 

Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers are offered in:

Plastic - 4 Bill and 4 Coin drawer and are offered on less expensive models. These drawers are prone to break and cash register companies do not offer a replacement option. So, if a drawer breaks the cash register will need to be replaced. 

Metal. -  5 Bill and 5 Coin Money Trays. Heavy duty and last for years. Have removable cash drawer inserts and sometimes offer a media slot on the front to insert checks and credit card slips without opening the drawer. Almost always have a key lock to secure the drawer will unattended. 









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