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Free Programming for YOUR SAM4s Cash Register

Most of today’s cash registers require programming and software in order to use. Many cash registers will come with software with your purchase. You can also purchase software separately for your cash register. You can purchase that here. Although software and programming software can be a little bit expensive we have a more frugal option. We have a FREE programming software to help you with your cash register. Check out the FREE programming software here.

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Why do you need to program your cash register?

In an ideal world we would purchase a cash register and it would arrive and it would be perfectly set up to use for our specific business! Sadly, that is not the case. When you receive your cash register you will HAVE to program it in order to make it personalized to your business, your staff and your inventory. You will have to input your inventory, input the cashier keys and other personalized information. It is important to make sure that you have software and programming with your cash register purchase.


What will you get with this FREE program?

This FREE software will include basic programming which includes receipt business name, $ and % discount, system options, tax rates, taxed and non taxed items.  With Cash Registers Online we offer two levels of pre-programming. We will email you with a programming sheet in order to obtain important information. We ask that you download the program sheet and fill out the support form through our website, which you can find on our website.


 What if the FREE program doesn’t suit your needs?

Although we do offer our free programming you can also purchase a Complete Programming. This programming will include the items from the Basic Programming as well as Design Flat Keyboard or Add Raised Button tabs and we will Program up to 50 items.  We can also do more at $1.00 for each item.


Cash Registers that INCLUDE software:

Maybe you haven’t actually purchased a cash register yet and you are still trying to figure out the PERFECT register for you and your business. Maybe something that you want to consider is a cash register that includes software with the register, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing separately.  Here are some wonderful cash register choices that include software with your purchase.


We understand that purchasing a cash register is sometimes really overwhelming. Not only do you have to pick through hundreds of different cash registers, but then you have to think about all of the accessories you will have to buy, the parts and the software that you have to consider. We know it seems a bit overwhelming, but we hope showing you the software options of your cash register has made your burden a little lighter.

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